Jiro Ono: Sushi Icon

Sushi is one of the most well-known Japanese dishes, and it is also gaining popularity in the international community. When it comes to sushi, we must mention Jiro Ono, who is regarded by his contemporaries and peers as the greatest sushi craftsman. His sushi is also regarded as the most delectable in the world.

Jiro Ono, at the age of 26, successfully became a qualified sushi chief due to his diligence and cooking talents, and in 1965, he opened his own restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro, which is also considered the most famous sushi shop in the world. He has dedicated his life to making the best sushi possible.

With over 50 years of sushi-making experience, he has successfully created the most innovative methods used in modern sushi preparation, elevating the sushi crafts to a new level.

Jiro Ono believes that in order to make delicious sushi, you must excel at every step of the process, from gradient selection to sushi making. Among the many procedures for making sushi, the most important and fundamental step is to cook good rice. To make the best rice, he will wash the rice 50 times before steaming it with the custom-made barrel. Although it may sound tedious, Jiro Ono insists on doing so in order to create the most delicious sushi for the people of the world.

However, with the advancement of technology, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Ih rice cooker, which can also quickly cook rice comparable to that cooked by Jiro Ono. You can cook rice using the remote control function by connecting to your device. So you can cook the delicious rice by easily controlling the cooker with the app, rather than going through the tedious procedure that Jiro Ono goes through when cooking the sushi rice. It has an accurate temperature control that ensures perfect sushi rice cooking.

The advancement of technology will not obviate the existence of traditional culture, but will instead help it to flourish. Although modern appliances can assist in the preparation of sushi rice comparable to Jiro Ono’s, the crafts of making sushi rice, which have become an important part of world food culture, are worth learning and passing down. Jiro Ono has currently developed the most innovative methods used in modern sushi preparation through his creativity and diligence. His attitude toward sushi is also worth learning about. Xiaomi incorporates his methods into the Xiaomi Ih rice cooker, which redefines rice cooking in the modern era.