The Top 10 Hair Care Myths You Should Never Believe

Hair is regarded as the most important aspect of our personalities, and it is no surprise that we go to great lengths to ensure that we look beautiful and gorgeous. Even if you have an average appearance, beautiful hair can enhance your overall appearance. With so much significance attached to hair, it is never enough to spend a significant amount of money and time on its upkeep.

From ancient times to the present, men and women have always taken special care to make their hair look beautiful in all aspects. There are thousands of tips and suggestions associated with hair maintenance, and we humans believe in all of them and even begin implementing them, but many of them begin to have an adverse effect on our hair. Today, we’re taking the initiative and attempting to debunk 10 hair care myths once and for all.

1. Frequent hair trimming encourages faster growth.

This is the most common myth associated with hair care, and people frequently believe it. However, when you think about it practically, you will realize that this has nothing to do with your hair growing faster. Hair grows from the scalp, not from the ends, and trimming your hair does not make it grow faster; rather, it makes it shorter every time. The only true fact about hair trimming is that it helps you get rid of split ends and makes your hair look healthier.

2. Plucking Just One Gray Hair Will Cause More

This is yet another of the most common hair care myths. This was most likely spread by the elderly lady, and the worst part is that people believe it. If you pluck your gray hair, it will not result in the growth of more gray hair; instead, it will make your hair weaker and your scalp irritated.

3. Brush your hair from head to toe.

You’ve probably heard it a lot and from almost everyone, but trust us when we say it’s not true. Combing is the only way to detangle your hair, but combing it from top to bottom is incorrect. The best way to comb your hair and avoid hair breakage is to divide it in the middle and start combing from there.

4. Restoring Split Ends

You’ve probably seen advertisements for products that claim to be able to repair split ends, but the truth is that nothing can because split ends are dead hair. You can trust a product that repairs split hair if you’ve seen a dead body come back to life.

5. Keeping Your Hair Oiled for a Longer Period of Time

So, if your mother always tells you to oil your hair more frequently and for a longer period of time, show her this. The purpose of oil is to moisturize your hair or scalp, and it is sufficient to oil your hair prior to shampooing it for 20 minutes. Furthermore, the amount of oil has nothing to do with hair health; the scalp and hair will absorb only the amount of oil required; the rest is washed away when you wash your hair.

6. Dandruff is caused by dry scalp.

This is the most common myth that the majority of people believe. Dandruff is caused by dry scalp, but the truth is almost disastrous. Dandruff has nothing to do with dry scalp; rather, oily scalp is more prone to dandruff. So, the next time you hear such facts, don’t believe them!

7. Shampoo is the source of your hair loss

It’s past time for you to stop blaming your shampoo for your hair falling out. Shampoo simply removes dirt from your scalp and hair; it does not make your hair weak or strong. When you shower, your wet hair weakens on its own, and when you squeeze your hair to spread the shampoo, the weak hair is plucked from your scalp. So, stop blaming or believing any brand for your hair loss!

8. Conditioner Is Not Designed for Oily Hair

You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times from various people, but it’s completely false, and a myth, even when it starts working, can sometimes remain a myth. When your hair is oily, it is because it produces more sebum than is necessary, and conditioner has no effect on this. If your hair is oily and you still want to condition it for whatever reason, go ahead and do it!

9. Tie Your Hair and Remove the Hair

You’ve probably heard this before when people notice hair on your shoulder or clothes. But the truth is quite different. Tieing your hair only serves to conceal your dandruff and does not solve the problem. There are several causes of dandruff, and there are better and more effective ways to treat it than tying your hair.

Comb your hair 100 times per day.

This is the biggest deception of all the myths discussed thus far. When you comb your hair more than it needs to be, you are putting a lot of pressure on your scalp and hair, which causes hair loss. Overbrushing your hair does not benefit it; instead, it weakens it and causes more hair loss. So stop believing and acting on it!