Top 5 Healthcare Career Options for High School Graduates

If you have graduated from high school, you may be considering the next step in your life. You may not know which job route to pursue, or you may have chosen one but wish to learn more about it. Healthcare is a dynamic industry with numerous opportunities for graduates. In this post, we will discuss five healthcare occupations that are ideal for recent high school graduates, as they all provide excellent perks and bright futures.

1.Medical Billing and Coding Expert

Medical billing and coding is an excellent career path for high school graduates who are interested in healthcare and working with statistics. Using medical records to bill insurance companies, government programs, patients, or other groups for health care services is the focus of this profession.

A huge proportion of the population is covered by some sort of insurance, making medical billing a highly relevant career field. The majority of firms prefer applicants with training from vocational schools or community colleges. Depending on where you reside and the work prospects available at the time, it is possible to be hired immediately after obtaining your certification.

2. Front Desk Attendant

In this profession, you will be the first person patients encounter upon entering a doctor’s office or medical facility. Receptionists at the front desk greet and register patients and make appointments. This is a great career for high school graduates who want to enter the healthcare industry but may lack experience.

As long as you are able to work hard and learn rapidly, it won’t be long before prospective companies contact you. In hospitals, front desk positions frequently lead to higher-paying employment; therefore, you should apply as soon as possible if you desire these higher-paying positions in the future.

Since the majority of Americans currently have health insurance, there will always be a demand for front-desk personnel, resulting in numerous employment opportunities throughout the United States.

3. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are essential to the healthcare industry. They interact with patients, physicians, and nurses to ensure the seamless operation of the office. Medical assistants typically measure vital signs, take blood, and deliver injections, among other activities. This is an additional excellent job option for high school graduates who wish to enter the healthcare field but may lack expertise.

4.Physical Therapy Equipment

Physical therapy assistants are another excellent choice for high school graduates interested in entering the healthcare industry. They assist patients in recovering from injuries or diseases by directing them through various exercises and other therapies, under the supervision of qualified physical therapists.

This vocation needs a strong passion in working with people as well as knowledge of what it takes to remain physically fit, which is always advantageous while seeking employment.

5. Phlebotomists

Phlebotomists are the individuals who draw blood for testing purposes from patients. They gather samples for testing in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and research laboratories.

This occupation involves a strong grasp of biology as well as steady hands, making it ideal for high school graduates seeking to enter the healthcare industry without prior experience.