Exploring Samsung’s Ambient Mode: Enhancing TV Experience Beyond Viewing

As the halfway point of 2022 is almost upon us, all the major manufacturers of home entertainment equipment have long since launched their key lines of hardware and all the features that come with them. In the months since CES 2022, retailers and customers alike have had a chance to really get to know what features Samsung, Sony, and the like have provided for us this year.

Introducing Ambient Mode

We take a look now at Samsung’s ‘Ambient Mode’, which shouldn’t be mixed with ‘Ambient Display’ found on leading smartphones from the same company and offers more than just one or two reasons (if any more were needed) to keep your Samsung TV on for longer.

What exactly IS Ambient Mode?

For a long time, the focus has rightly been on what a TV screen can do in terms of picture quality and high-definition representation of images. While these aspects are still super important to any modern television, Samsung has truly thought out of the box on this one.

Unleashing the Potential of QLED TVs

Samsung’s 2022 range of QLED models come with Ambient Mode, which is a real groundbreaking shift to what your TV can do for you when you’re not actually directly watching it. It’s a ‘no more black screens’ kind of a deal.

Blending In: The Chameleon Effect

Firstly, if you want your QLED TV to quite literally blend in with its surroundings, you can make use of a very clever feature that turns it into something of a chameleon. By taking an image with a Samsung smartphone of the TV and its surrounding area via the SmartThings app, the clever software algorithm inside creates an image that matches the wall behind it, leaving it almost invisible, apart from the outer bezel.

Other Options for Ambient Setting

Of course, there will be many owners of models like the Samsung QE55Q9FN QLED TV, who are rightly proud of their purchase and don’t want it blending too well into the background where no one can see it. Other choices for the aptly named ‘Ambient’ setting can involve displaying photo albums, amazing-looking digital clocks, and even moving mountain scapes that change to reflect what’s happening with the local weather.

Connecting Your Home to the Outside World

Its creators say that it is the perfect way to connect your home to the outside world, and we are inclined to agree with them from what we’ve seen of the feature ourselves.

The Icing on the Cake: Samsung’s 2022 QLED TVs

Don’t forget that Ambient Mode is just one of the many reasons why the 2018 Samsung QLED line of TVs are some of the best, most highly performing models the industry has seen. Blacker blacks, more dynamic color, the best sound, and more interactive features than have ever been crammed into a single television are all reasons to come and check them out for yourself.