The strike that caused disruptions on Eurotunnel and Eurostar has come to an end.

Nevertheless, Eurostar announced that passenger services would resume on Friday, despite the fact that drive-on LeShuttle trains were scheduled to resume some time during the evening.

At the moment, all Eurostar trains that depart from or arrive in London have been canceled.

During the following few days, individuals will be traveling for Christmas, which is when the disturbance occurred.

LeShuttle, which is responsible for transporting vehicles through the Channel Tunnel, was affected by Eurotunnel’s announcement that it had struck an agreement with trade unions and expressed its regret for the disturbance.

“Eurotunnel welcomes this agreement and reiterates its apologies to all LeShuttle customers as well as Eurostar passengers and rail freight operators whose traffic has been impacted by this strike,” according to a statement from the company.

Additionally, it stated that it will not be selling any additional fares for travel on Friday. Rather than that, it will concentrate on those individuals who already possess tickets.

It was announced by Eurostar that it would resume its regular schedule of departures from London, Paris, and Brussels on Friday.

It will operate two more trains every day until Christmas Day in order to assist with the transportation of customers who were unable to travel on Thursday.

It also stated that refunds have been made available to those who were affected.

The lifting of the blockade of the Channel Tunnel was announced via Twitter by the French Minister of Transport, Clement Beaune. #Eurostar #Getlink traffic can continue at this time

“I salute the spirit of responsibility of all those involved.”

According to Eurostar, approximately thirty Eurostar trains that were due to depart from London, Paris, and Brussels on Thursday were canceled.

Additionally, on Thursday, there will be no trains departing from London Euston station due to the fact that the overhead electrical wires that connect Milton Keynes and Watford Junction have both been destroyed.

Because of this, the Euston station is temporarily blocked to passengers who are arriving at the station. At this moment, engineers from Network Rail are using drones to evaluate the damage that has been done to the cables.

Rows of bonuses

A wide variety of Eurotunnel employees, including those who operate the trains as well as those who oversee and maintain the infrastructure, walked out of their jobs at short notice, which resulted in the suspension of transit services via the Channel Tunnel.

This statement was made earlier by Eurostar, the company that operates high-speed passenger trains along the route: “Customers who are affected will receive direct communication about their journey and will have the opportunity to exchange their tickets at no additional cost or claim a refund.”

“We are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves, and any further updates will be communicated as soon as possible.”

As a result of an agreement with ferry firms, Eurotunnel announced yesterday that it would be placing passengers on ships while services were paused until further notice.

The strike was called by the unions at eleven o’clock GMT, and it was terminated in the evening. According to the law of the French union, they were allowed to continue the strike for as long as they desired.

Employees were given the opportunity to get a discretionary bonus of one thousand euros (or 867 pounds), but the unions have requested three times that amount.

At this moment, it is unknown what exactly the contract was that the union agreed to.